Light of Hope

It’s sunny day in Kuwait

Too bright for me to see without sunglasses

I couldn’t remember when and why

Butterflies started to fly in my stomach

Everytime I see him

I was thinking

Could be this something serious

‘Cause I never thought if I will go onto something like love

No, not at this time

But I can’t get him out of my mind

yeah, can’t get him out of my mind

People will say it’s a lovebird

They might be right, but might be wrong too

We all have experienced the serendipity in life

Either it’s for good stuff or the bad one

I was about to greet him

But again, no words out

It’s stupid yet funny

I convinced myself if it just temporary desire

Because I know, I shouldn’t get closer to anyone

The sparks within this castle

Because of Meteor shower inside my galaxy

Then I see that one star

Shine to its fullest

It gave me hope

To never lose a sight of happy ending in a fairy tale





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